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Spirit Store and Uniforms

Spirt Store

Spirit Store

 The Spirit Store is closed and will reopen in the future.  Once the store closes, expect delivery of spirit store products in about two-three weeks.


The Spirit Store carries Baldwin shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, car magnets, etc.  The proceeds from the Spirit Store sales support the Baldwin PTSA and help fund activities for students and teachers.  Spirit wear shirts may be worn on Fridays.  

PE Uniforms

Baldwin will be resuming the use of uniforms and PE lockers this year. Both the lockers and uniforms may be purchased through the My School Bucks website.

The PE locker costs $5.00 and may be purchase here:

The PE uniform (shorts & shirt) is $15.00 and may be purchased here:

The PTSA recommends buying at least 2 PE uniforms. Order forms (for sizes) were sent home this week. Dance students do not need to buy PE locker and uniform.

Spirit Wear Policy

Spirit wear jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies may be worn any day.  Spirit wear shirts may only be worn on Fridays.  Spirit wear from previous years may be worn.  Eighth graders may wear special eighth grade spirit wear shirts on Wednesdays. 

Uniform Policy

Below is the link for Baldwin's Uniform Policy:

New Uniforms

New uniforms can be purchased at many different stores, such as Old Navy, Lands' End, etc.  Plaid 2M skirts are carried locally at Zoghby's, which also provides embroidery.

Used Uniforms for Sale

Visit BAAM B/S/T Uniform Exchange Facebook Group*

to buy, sell, or trade new and used Baldwin uniforms and apparel:

*Not affiliated with the PTSA

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