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Many schools in our public school system are entitled to Title I money, but magnet schools do not receive the same funding. Baldwin relies on parents and community support to take care of the day-to-day needs of our teachers and students.  In an effort to funnel state and local funds towards classroom supplies and instructional support, we need parents to send in items to offset the other needs. While you're out shopping for school, household, and cleaning supplies, pick up an extra item from the list below and have your student drop it off in the office.   Items will be stored in the PTSA room for teachers as needed. Every donation made helps us continue to support our teachers and students at Baldwin!


*Currently Baldwin is in need of disinfecting wipes, paper towels, and kleenex.  


Please donate money to the Baldwin PTSA at the link below.  The PTSA provides support to teachers by subsidizing classroom supplies and copier maintenance.  We also host teacher luncheons and snacks, along with fun events for students such as dances and end-of-the-year 8th grade parties.

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